One element of the CBL framework is to share the experience with the world. The following videos are stories that have emerged from challenges around the world. They are presented to inspire and spur ideas about how challenges can be used to take action and make a difference in your family, school, and community.

Explore Carroll Magnet Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina Challenge Based Learning Experience through the lens of administrators, teachers, and students. Learn how the students used CBL to learn content and success skills while making a difference in their school community during their final challenge in 6th grade. In the midst of all this the teachers and administrators learned how teaching and learning can be transformed to create ownership.

A team of students had the challenge to reduce waste at Carroll Middle School. Through conversations with the custodians and cafeteria workers, students discovered that they had a compost bin on campus that was not being used. They pulled together to spread the word about excess waste and collected food waste weekly for the compost bin. Students in this video talk about how they made a difference and how they hope to inspire other middle school students along the way.

The 2016 Challenge Based Learning Project at the Windward School in Los Angeles focused on the challenge of making a difference for people in their community with non-infectious diseases. In this video students talk about how they worked with the LA Dodgers to create a peanut free zone so students with peanut allergies enjoy a major league baseball game. Each spring the 8th-grade students at the Windward School in Los Angeles, CA use the CBL framework to identify a challenge, take action and make a difference in their community.