An efficient and effective framework for learning while solving real world challenges.


Take Action. Make a Difference.

The DP Challenge Institute

Join educators from around the world to investigate the big idea of powerful learning, identify pressing challenges, and design sustainable solutions!


The CBL Framework divides into three interrelated phases: Engage, Investigate, and Act. The framework acts as a customizable starting point for learners.


Search the library of resources that have been created by learners from around the world to support all phases of the the CBL journey.


Ready to get started? The Getting Started section provides some ideas for preparing for, and starting your first challenge.


The CBL Learning Center offers a variety of ways to deepen your knowledge. From Micro-credentials to an in-depth user guide – we have you covered.


CBL is a fluid framework that evolves based on lessons learned, new ideas and making connections. Check out some new ideas and share yours.


Stories inspire and give us a glimpse of what its possible when learners implement CBL. Explore the stories and think about what story you want to tell.


Challenge Based Learning is always evolving based on the experiences of the learners. Check out our latest thoughts as we co-learn and co-develop the framework with learners from around the world.

The Importance of Frameworks

We believe in Challenge Based Learning ( because it helps learners develop the personal frameworks needed to be successful in all situations. The Challenge Framework provides a starting point to help learners take control of the process and...

Visualizing CBL Success

< Return to New Ideas CBL provides a framework to deal with the challenges that we find and the ones that “find” us. The more we are versed in the framework, have visualized successfully using the process and prepared for the bumps in the road the more successful...


The challenge you choose can make all of the difference. Moving from a narrower challenge of lose weight to the challenge of “Be Healthy” increases the options for learning and possible solutions. 

Identifying challenges.

Developing Sustainable Solutions.

Becoming Lifelong Learners




LIFELONG learners

Why Challenges?

We are surrounded by Challenges: large, small, local, global, short and long term. Some we choose, some choose us; some we look forward to, some we dread; some we address, some we try to ignore. Ultimately, how we individually and communally respond to Challenges will determine our future.  As problems become increasingly complex and pressing, the need to develop a generation of engaged Learners equipped to identify Challenges and develop innovative and sustainable Solutions is crucial.

Imagine millions of empowered Learners focused on creating solutions to local and global Challenges as part of their school work. The world becomes a better place.

voices From THE FIELD

What the teacher/learners are saying about the Challenge Based Learning Framework and Experience.

The strength of CBL is ownership . . . They go above and beyond expectations. Outside CBL – “I have to do this” Inside CBL – “I want to do this”


Apple Developer Academy

“CBL was a life changing experience for me. It was the first time in my life that I felt I was learning at my maximum capacity.”


Apple Developer Academy

“In terms of student reward, I think the project is going to be fantastic. If student engagement is the problem … then getting them projects where they get to be active in class is definitely the key to the solution.”


Punahou School

“In CBL the students become learning “enthusiasts.” They rediscover the magic of learning, that learning can be fun and deep importance in their lives.”


Apple Developer Academy